Welcome! I'm Kelly, I love homeschooling, and I want to help you to love it too.

I'm passionate about helping you to craft your ultimate homeschool. 

One that is fun and interesting, that gets the whole family excited about education.

One that supports deep, context-based learning and creates the habits and skills necessary for lifelong self-directed education.

One that strengthens family bonds and leaves you all feeling totally in love with each other.

Ready to get started?

Preview - AHS Return & Learn Bundle

Not sure if you'd like to purchase the Return & Learn Bundle ? Preview one of the live workshops and see if it's for you!...

Australian Homeschooling Summit 2017 - Return & Learn Bundle

The homeschooling conference in your lounge room! Between the 15th and 27th of May 2017, homeschooling experts from all over Australia came together to share...

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Begin Homeschooling With Confidence

Starting to homeschool can be downright scary. What method to use? What curriculum will suit us? But I don’t have space for a schoolroom! And...

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Start Homeschooling Summit Upgrade Bundle

Welcome to the homeschooling conference in your lounge room!   So how did this summit work? Well, we ran 33 fantastic homeschooling workshops in February...

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Start Homeschooling Summit PREVIEW

Want to get a taste of the amazing workshops from the Start Homeschooling Summit? Get access to two of the amazing workshops here - absolutely...

Deschooling Essentials

What if I told you that you could… Homeschool without fear? Trust your child to pave their own (totally amazing) way? Change the effect of...

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Zero to Homeschool

Homeschooling can give children an amazing education - and families an amazing life. But it can be REALLY overwhelming when trying to work out just...

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