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Homeschooling can feel lonely…Why do it alone?

The Fearless Membersip doors are about to open for another intake! Join the waitlist and be the first to know!

Homeschooling can feel lonely.

Why do it alone?

Join Australia’s top homeschooling community instead…

Welcome to the Fearless Membership…

We are here to help you connect with and learn from some of the most well-known and highly respected people in Aussie homeschooling.

It’s all online… so you can join live or peruse recorded workshops from the comfort of your own home in between your busy homeschooling day.

An incredible opportunity for me to learn from others who have experience and wisdom to share. The joy that each presenter has shown as they have presented and the desire to help others is really wonderful. I’ve been able to build resources, think through different aspects of homeschooling, plan and prepare. It has given me much food for thought and challenged me to make homeschooling a fun and supportive environment for our whole family to learn together.

Ellen Tyler

The Fearless Membersip doors are about to open for another intake! Join the waitlist and be the first to know!

No matter where you are in your homeschooling journey… the FEARLESS MEMBERSHIP has you covered!

Ever wanted to ask people who have homeschooled for decades, have graduated their kids, and have tackled all the stages (and problems) how they did it?

Or do you want to hear from parents who are newer to homeschooling but who have conquered those earlier challenges of initially adjusting to homeschooling?

Well you’re in the right place… 

New to homeschooling?

Maybe you’re not sure where to start or whether you can do this?

Need registration ideas?

Not even sure what deschooling means?

Can’t decide if following a curriculum vs building your own curriculum is the way to go?

Or just uncertain if you can afford to homeschool and keep within your family’s budget?

Join the FEARLESS MEMBERSHIP to start your homeschooling journey with confidence. You’ve got this!


Already homeschooling but feeling burnt out?

Maybe you’re already homeschooling but you’re in a bit of a slump or lacking mojo?

Want to know how to create a homeschool that is sustainable for the whole family (including you!)?

Hoping to foster a curious learner who’s passions and interests do the heavy learning lifting?

Join the FEARLESS MEMBERSHIP and continue to homeschool with less friction and more mojo.


Homeschooling with neurodivergence?

Looking for new strategies to support your neurodivergent child to flourish?

Want to discover strategies to add flexibility to your day and to adapt to your homeschooler’s needs?

Our interactive NEURODIVERSITY PANEL will have you chatting to homeschooling parents with years of experience homeschooling in similar situations to you.

Join to expand your support skills, make deep connections & get actionable strategies to make time for yourself too!

Moving into the TEEN era?

Got teens in the house and wondering where to from here?

Feeling a little lost now that you have a teen homeschooler?

Wanting to hear what teens and graduate homeschoolers have to say about their homeschooling journey?

Looking for tips to inspire your budding teen entrepreneur?

Join the FEARLESS MEMBERSHIP to kick those teenage homeschooling blues.


The Fearless Membersip doors are about to open for another intake.! Join the waitlist and be the first to know!

Hours of professional development in your pocket!

The FEARLESS MEMBERSHIP was created to provide an online space where experienced homeschooling parents could collaborate and share their knowledge and experience with other homeschoolers all around the country.

What you can expect from Australia’s No.1 homeschooling membership

Monthy live workshops

  • workshops covering everything homeschooling.
  • interactive panel chats to get all your questions answered.

Interactive Community

  • chat, connect and reflect with homeschoolers in a private community space.

Live Summit Events

  • Access to ALL Live Summit Events Fearless Homeschool curates, for as long as you stay with us.

Exclusive Offers & Discounts

  • exclusive offers from presenters and partners
  • summit only discounts

Resources & Guides

  • don’t reinvent the wheel
  • resources ready to download
  • links to amazing resources at the click of a button

As well as access to…

Previous Summits



As a brand new homeschooling mother, this was a great buffet of resources that really helped me gain a greater understanding into the world of homeschooling and was full of value!


The Fearless Membersip doors are about to open for another intake. Join the waitlist and be the first to know!

Access workshops from leading homeschool experts… all in the comfort of your own home.

Micarlé Callea

Micarlé Callea

Fearless Homeschool

Kelly Kotanidis

Kelly Kotanidis

Business in your Backpack

Sara Macdonald

Sara Macdonald

Happiness is Here

Amanda Bartle

Amanda Bartle

Little Kids Can

Beverley Paine

Beverley Paine

Educated Parent

Jillina Whittaker

Jillina Whittaker

Homeschool Hotline

Cam & Jaiden

Cam & Jaiden

Adventures Await

Felicity Harber

Felicity Harber

Homeschool Adventures

Heidi Conway

Heidi Conway

Raising Changermaker Teens

Rachael Clark

Rachael Clark

Unschooling Down Under

The Fearless Membersip doors are about to open for another intake! Join the waitlist and be the first to know!


Do I need to go anywhere?

No! It’s all online, you don’t even need to leave your couch.

Do I have to attend live?


You’ll get access to any live recordings soon after the workshops.

But we recommend you come live to be part of the live chat during the workshops and to ask your questions to the expert speakers.

How long is my access?

Tne Fearless Membership is an annual subscription.

Whilst subscribed you will have access to ALL live workshops, inculding any summits curated by Fearlss Homeschool.

As well as ALL recorded workshops from within the membership as well as from previous Australian Homeschooling Summits.

Is the Membership new homeschoolers?


Whilst the summit will be the perfect head start if you’re new to homeschooling, our workshops will cover an extensive range of topics aimed at all different types of homeschoolers.

Been homeschooling for while? Got teens? Have a neurodiverse child? Transitioning your kids out of school?

All good… we’ve got you covered.

Is the Membership just for Australians?

Nope… all are welcome here!

Whilst some of the topics covered are more relevant to Australian homeschoolers (ie registration and state specific items), the vast majority of our workshops will be applicable worldwide.

We have members from New Zealand, the US and many other countries.

Supporting our children’s journey is UNIVERSAL! 

The Fearless Membersip doors are about to open for another intake. Join the waitlist and be the firlst to know!

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