Deschooling Essentials by Kelly George

Deschooling Essentials

Lay the foundation for your crazily successful, productive, and effective homeschool!


What if I told you that you could…

Homeschool without fear?

Trust your child to pave their own (totally amazing) way?

Change the effect of criticism from paralysing to meh, whatever?

Your mindset can make or break your homeschool, so ditch the school mind and start homeschooling the right way.

Homeschooling isn’t school at home. It’s so much MORE than that. But if you’re stuck in a school mindset, you’ll never achieve the full benefits of homeschooling.

Don’t limit yourself to school at home. Lay the foundation for your crazily successful, productive, and effective homeschool by clearing out the irrelevant and harmful views of education that you have.

What's included?

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Welcome + your Workbook
332 KB
Deschooling - the what and the why
Helping your children deschool
Using your school experience to deschool
15 mins
Tips for Deschooling
So....what do we DO?
The Deschooling Handbook
1.06 MB
Deschooling workshop replay
45 mins
Dealing with homeschooling critics....
Summary + extra resources
Continuing your homeschooling journey
2 mins
BONUS Workshop - Dealing with Homeschool Work Refusal
(1h 00m 33s)

Welcome! I'm Kelly, I love homeschooling, and I want to help you to love it too.

I'm passionate about helping you to craft your ultimate homeschool. 

One that is fun and interesting, that gets the whole family excited about education.

One that supports deep, context-based learning and creates the habits and skills necessary for lifelong self-directed education.

One that strengthens family bonds and leaves you all feeling totally in love with each other.

Ready to get started?