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Welcome to members of the Homeschool Mom Summer Summit! (and anyone else who has found their way here – everyone’s welcome).

Want to get your homeschooling year off to a great start?

Zero to Homeschool will gives the step-by-step information you need to eliminate overwhelm, make the right decisions easily, and gain confidence.

In each of the 8 modules we tackle a different area of your homeschool + life. Each module contains readings, videos and other resources that help you learn about an area and work out what you REALLY want and need to do in that area. Not just what you think you ‘should’ do!

You’ll do easy tasks and challenges where you’ll implement what you’ve learned. You’ll slowly but surely make meaningful changes that improve your homeschool immediately, and that over time will lead you to the homeschooling outcomes you’ve defined.

And right now you can win access to the entire course. Just follow the instructions below to enter – good luck!


What Students are Saying

Kelly, I am about to start Module 4 and had to come in here to say this course is fabulous! So well thought out, yet simple enough to not be overwhelming. I am loving it and am so very grateful I have come across this at the very start of our journey. Thank you for creating this course.


Zero to Homeschool

Zero to Homeschool was just what I needed to give me the confidence boost to get in there and get started. The materials and videos are all bite sized and relevant and the course is easy to get through. I went from wanting to homeschool but not really knowing where to start to jumping right in and getting started with my preschooler. Kelly is chilled and approachable which I really liked too. Thank you! Keep up the great work!


Zero to Homeschool

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