Start Homeschooling Summit - FREE homeschooling workshops! by Kelly George

Start Homeschooling Summit - FREE homeschooling workshops!

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Welcome to the homeschooling conference in your lounge room!

  So how does this summit work? Well, we're running 34 fantastic homeschooling workshops February 19 - 24. You can watch all of the workshops completely free for a limited time - seriously!

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  We’re going to teach you how to get started well, how to get the right mindset for successful homeschooling, and how to teach lots of different subjects, including the tricky ones like maths and science.

  We’ll introduce you to homeschooling styles and approaches that are way more fun and effective than anything a school can do.

  We have a special series about homeschooling teens, and we’ll show you how to plan and manage your homeschool and your life so that everything actually gets done. 

  And it’s all coming from experienced homeschooling parents – we’ve been there, we’ve done it, we’re doing it now, and this is the stuff we wish we’d known when we started out.

  So please join us for the free workshops in February – all you need to do is sign up for your free access and you’ll receive the invitations, the downloads, and the links directly in your inbox.

  Easy peasy - see you then!

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Welcome! I'm Kelly, I love homeschooling, and I want to help you to love it too.

I'm passionate about helping you to craft your ultimate homeschool. 

One that is fun and interesting, that gets the whole family excited about education.

One that supports deep, context-based learning and creates the habits and skills necessary for lifelong self-directed education.

One that strengthens family bonds and leaves you all feeling totally in love with each other.

Ready to get started?