Start Homeschooling Summit PREVIEW by Kelly George

Start Homeschooling Summit PREVIEW

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Want to know what people thought of the SHS? Here are just two of the many positive reviews we received -

The Start Homeschooling Summit was amazing! This was exactly the refreshing positive summit that I needed to hear. I feel more empowered to schedule, plan, and dive in to our school year. Thank you! Sonia

This wonderful summit was uplifting. It really turned me around, heart mind and soul! I was giving up, and these courageous, insightful, down-to-earth, inspiring, REAL workshops uncovered my buried desire to homeschool, and to do it with enthusiasm and zest, facing my fear and doubts - but also my hope and my truth. Thank you so much Kelly for this moving, impressive and powerful summit. Keshet Margolis

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What's included?

Video Icon 2 videos


Set up an Art Space your Kids will Love to Use | Lotus Stewart
53 mins
How to Make Language Arts Fun Whatever Your Curriculum | Dr. Melanie Wilson
(1h 17m 24s)

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