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Hands-On Homeschooling

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227 Ways To Your Ideal Homeschool

EVERYTHING you need to plan and register with ease, then live a fantastic homeschooling life.


The learning curve of homeschooling is ridiculously steep, and there’s lots of (usually unhelpful) school-based info out there.

But the next time you think –

  • Argh! This registration paperwork is melting my brain! How will I ever manage this?!
  • What exactly is unschooling? And is it right for us?
  • Can homeschooled kids actually go to university and get jobs?
  • How do I teach maths when I don’t even understand it?
  • We get to socialise, right? 

Or any one of hundreds of other questions – you can find the answer right here.






It’s like 200+ hours of professional development in your pocket

And it’s incredibly simple to use – get an insider’s look below!

This has been an incredible opportunity for me to learn from others who have experience and wisdom that they are willing to share. The joy that each presenter has shown as they have presented and the desire to help others is really wonderful. I’ve been able to build resources, think through different aspects of homeschooling and plan and prepare. It has give me so much food for thought and challenged me in ways that I can make homeschooling a fun and supportive environment for our whole family to learn together.

Ellen Tyler

You’ll learn from…

The presenters tend to be experienced homeschooling parents. Some have established homeschooling blogs or long-term, respected businesses serving homeschooling parents.

Others are parents who have worked out a nifty system or mastered a particular challenge, and are keen to share what they’ve learned with others.

Beverley Paine

Beverley Paine

The Educating Parent

Sara Mcdonald

Sara Mcdonald

Happiness is Here

Rachael Clark

Rachael Clark

Unschooling Down Under

Lusi Austin

Lusi Austin

That Homeschool Life

Karen Willson

Karen Willson

Simply Homeschool

Where do these workshops come from?

Back in 2017, I decided to run a homeschooling summit.

One where I’d collaborate with other parents to provide workshops full of helpful and actionable content based on our personal experience with homeschooling.

Something that would feel like sitting and having a cuppa with a knowledgeable homeschooling friend while they guided you through registration, resources, troubleshooting, and the nitty-gritty of educating your own children.

It became a resounding success, with over 8000 tickets sold so far.

And, by popular demand, you can now access all the workshops from all 6 summits in one easy-to-use place.


All at one ridiculously affordable price


Will you be adding to this?

Yes, in some way!

I’m not promising anything right now because I’m not exactly sure how we’ll do it, but we will continue to add resources.


What will happen to my current summit access?

Absolutely nothing – you’ll keep your lifetime access to everything you already have.

So if you ever decide to leave the membership your dashboard will look exactly the same as it does now.


Is this just for new homeschoolers?

Not at all.

New homeschoolers will find that it enables them to manage their planning, registration, and transition to homeschooling with much less stress and work.

But there have been dozens (maybe even hundreds) of experienced homeschoolers who report that they get fresh ideas and a new burst of enthusiasm from the summits.

We’re always learning and homeschooling is always changing, so I regularly refer back to many of the workshops – even after around 16 years of homeschooling 5 children and running the summits.

Is this lifetime access?


This is a subcription-based membership, where you get full access to everything for your membership period. 

If you would like lifetime access please look at the individual summits.

Can I share my access?

With people living in your household (eg. your partner) – yes.

With friends, co-op, or extended family, no.

Please feel free to send them to this page so they can also join – thank you!

Are the presenters all Australian?

Mostly (plus a few Kiwis).

6 of the summits are Australian, and 1 is worldwide. So some of the content, like registration, is only for Aussies.

But much of it is applicable worldwide – unschooling is unschooling no matter where you are, homeschool groups operate in similar ways, and there’s even a lot of curriculum overlap.

I have a summit - do I get free membership?

Unfortunately, no.

The individual summits are lifetime access for a single summit, while this membership gives you everything on a subscription basis.

But if you already have quite a few summits or courses of mine and would like to join, shoot me an email – I’m sure we can come up with something that keeps us both happy.

What about refunds?

Contact me in the first 7 days and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

But I doubt you will – there’s so much useful stuff in here!

Is there a chat forum?


Chat is high-maintenance and expensive from my end (therefore would increase the cost of membership significantly), and great communities are already available.

I’ve decided to focus on what we do best instead – in-depth workshops, courses, and live events for an affordable price.